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Attention: We DON’T WORK with haram businesses like alcohol, gambling, pork, false news, porn, or anything that’s forbidden in Islam.

What we do

slow websites are losing visitors. Get hosting from us and you will get completely FREE security & speed optimization service.
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Web Takeover

Secured and Fast website with ongoing maintenance. Focus on your business growth. Not on fixing issues of the website.

Mobile App

We will take all of your hassle. Build your app and publish it to the app store.

Editing Hub

One place to solve all your graphics problems. We make animations, edit videos and design graphic elements.


We will help your brand to develop a good social media presence and nurture the leads through email marketing.

Fast Hosting

looking for a Domain name suggestion? Or Enterprise premium hosting?
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Seo & Paid Ads

We will do proper SEO for your website thus it’ll rank higher on Google. We will analyze the audience and place your ads in the right place. Get the return of every penny you spend on Google and Facebook.


The honest and trustworthy merchants will be with the prophets, the truthful, and with the martyrs on the day of judgment. So we take halal projects only.

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1-5% of people truly care about halal/ haram. a handful of them is my target customer. it’s not possible to find them without Allah.

MD Anisur

Founder @ inMarking

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Jhenaidah, Dhaka

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