3.6.9 But 1, ইলুমিনাতির সবচেয়ে বড় রহস্য যেই তিন টি নাম্বারে!

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Many Of You Can Say I’ve Copied This Theory From A Hindi Channel But To Be Honest I Had This Information From 2019, It’s A Seven Hours Video I Will Explain All In Future, Even Tho That Hindi Channel copied few clips From that video but no one is telling he has copied, Because We’re jealous Bengalis aren’t we? The Number 9 Theory Has come from the ancient and many were explaining it and suggesting it as it’s the number of God as well as that hindi channel, Because he’s a hindu he said it’s the number of their God I don’t Think he thought about this deeply that 9 equals to zero so his God’s are also Equivalent of Zero Very Contradicting but he didn’t Notice it,, i Was Researching about Number 1 Theory By Myself So You Can Say I’m The Only One Who First Time Gave The Number 1 Theory My Close Friends Are Known Of My Researches Even They Helped Me In Few Things So Spacial Thanks To Them Of Course They’re Teacher of Math!



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