How Successful agencies Get Clients?

I’ve collected some comments & resources from Agency Owners about how they’re getting clients.

If you are struggling to get clients or to charge higher prices you need to focus on these 3 things:

Your Internet Presence

Your Services

Your Mindset

Don’t blame lack of success on the economy or the pandemic. You have nobody to blame but yourself! There is absolutely no shortage of businesses willing to pay top dollar for quality services. So, figure these three things out as soon as possible:

1. Your Internet Presence

Businesses who are already relatively successful will be the easiest to work with and will be the easiest to get real results for. That being said, if you were already a legit, successful business, would you give money to a random guy on the internet just because he claims to be the world’s best digital marketer?

Of course not!

You need to have way more respect for your clients than that. If you want to work with smart business owners, then you need to treat them like smart business owners. Look at your profile, look at your website, look at how you present yourself. Do you look legit? Do you look trustworthy?

If not, don’t be surprised when you can’t get people to say yes or when they challenge your pricing. Once you look legit, you also need to focus on,

2. The Services You Offer

What exactly do you offer? Do you know? Can you describe it in one short sentence, or are you filling people’s messengers with paragraphs of random catch phrases because you don’t really know what you do?

If you tell people you do everything, they will hire you for nothing.

If I ask you how you can help me, and your answer is that you will take care of everything, I literally have no idea what you will do for me. Clean that up. Pick a top service, or a small handful at best, or better yet, figure out what the prospect needs and then create an actual game plan for them instead of expecting them to already believe you can help them.

And once you figure out what services you are going to focus on, make sure you are damn good at them. Yes, you obviously have to start somewhere, but if you’re not obsessing over what you do, and just hoping people will give you lots of money, consistently, then you have already lost.

And if you don’t want to put in that time, or you just want to accelerate your growth, then partner up with someone who already knows what they are doing and focus your own energy on sales and business development.

If you want to be the best, and make real money, then you actually have to be the best. No more fronting. Time to get serious and perfect a real craft.

And finally, once you’ve fixed your internet presence and figured out what you’re actually good at, you need to work on,

3. Your Mindset

I’m not a mindset coach, so I’m not going to pretend to be one here, but I am going to say that you absolutely must work on your mindset.

Hire a mindset coach if you have to but hire one that actually knows what they are doing and can prove it to you. If you can’t tell whether or not they know what they are doing, it’s probably cause they don’t know what they are doing.

Same thing with your business. If people can’t tell whether you are legit or not, it’s probably because you aren’t. So treat yourself with just as much respect as you need to treat your clients.

Work on yourself. Invest in yourself. Respect yourself. Believe in yourself.

These three things, internet presence, services, and mindset, are crucial to your success. Everything else is just constant trial and error and figuring it out as you go. Be willing to make sacrifices. Stop comparing yourself to others and just focus in on what you need to do to get where you want to be.

Simple as that!

Being loud and proud about being a website designer. Don’t hide it like it’s a closet hobby. When someone brings you up in conversation, they should immediately think “that’s that really good designer guy right?”

Join your local area chamber of commerce, talk to business owners.

Audit local business websites, pitch them your solutions to their shit design.

Find a local yellow pages, look up whatever industry you want to design for, start going down the list and google them to see if they have a website. They don’t? Call them and setup up a meeting.

Our top 3 are

#1 Local SEO

#2 Referrals

#3 Leads from webinars / expert panel sessions

SEO, FB ads,Local SEO, referrals, yep organic,

Strategic referral partners,Definitely Referrals;

Referrals and recently cold calls.

Landing page + Google Ads perform really well since mid of 2020

1. Partner and client referrals

2. Networking groups

3. Podcast appearances

There are a lot of different channels to get clients to you, working for an agency, you’ll pick up on some of their marketing. Like email, social, local network groups, etc, but it really starts with your own website. Focus on your website portfolio. Get that thing really looking like you only do 1k websites, differentiate yourself a bit. 

build them a simple 4 or 5 page website for free and all your ask is for a review and that you can put them on your portfolio.

Quit selling websites and start selling solutions to their problem.

First, find out why they want a website. Is it for more sales, making their dated website look better, showing they’re a legit business, etc.?

What is it that you can do better than someone who DIYs or hires for cheap on Fivver? The way to charge more is to articulate what you’re offering and figure out who needs that thing — not everyone needs your services, or mine, or any of ours. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can sign up for Wix and make a website. What do you add to the process that will help a specific type of client be more successful?

Multiple LinkedIn accounts!

I have 4 running and have more leads than i can handle (it’s a shame I’m shit at sales)

Word of mouth and cold calling

FB Ads> opt-in> 30 minute VSL> survey> book a call> close.

Pick up the phone and start dialing. For scaling, hire people to call for you. Very simple strategy

These are the 3 best ways to sign recurring paying clients WITHOUT spending any money on ads:

1) cold email outreach immediately followed by sales calls

2) linkedin outreach

3) Voice drops

Google them, and find their contact info. Don’t sell them on the emails, but provide valuable insights and content that would help them to be sure they immediately recognize your expertise and value. This is how I’ve gotten tons of clients. Hope I helped!”

do you have any sales assets that walk people through your mechanism? If you don’t have a minimum of 10 pieces of content showcasing your expertise, your case studies, your solution + mechanism, testimonials, then you’re going to have a hard time getting your clients to trust you so they won’t work with you. Once you have plenty of content on the internet you’ll gain an edge over other agency owners in your niche because you’ll have more authority and a brand!

Jay. Cold calls are dead. But I think if you use a few different tactics it would work. Make sure you research a company before you call.​

Have you tried scalping Google for businesses that have bad websites/no website at all and cold calling them? For example, I’ll Google “Orlando, FL Restaurants.” Just scroll, compile a list of ones with no site/bad sites, call and introduce yourself, explain what a good site can do for their business, etc…

I’d build a website, a nice LinkedIn profile and work the SEO and SEM to target your desired audience.

  1. Define a niche category for target companies
  2. Scrape all companies on that category from Google Maps with Outscraper Google Maps Scraper
  3. Find companies that who have bad reputation on Google Places and not good managing social media accounts
  4. Contact with them from any communication channel. Such as LinkedIn, Email, Facebook or Twitter

Find a few local business and run a quick SEO audit on their websites.

Then contact them and explain what you did with all the weakness and opportunities you found and try to land a visit or videoconference to explain how could you help them ranking their website.

✔️Social media for job search

Social media channels most used for recruiting are LinkedIn (72%), Facebook (60%), Twitter (38%), Instagram (37%), Glassdoor (36%), and YouTube (27%). Then others, don’t forget email, WhatsApp.

✔️Find clients checklist(1 week challenge)

Fiverr-Upwork (don’t recommend, just use them at the beginning for learning)

Cold mail

Social Groups ,Froum (facebook group,Quora,reddit)

Twitter search hashtag

Run Ad Campaigns

Retargeting Ads & lookalike

Content marketing (guest post, video)(create blog/video )

Team Up With Competitors

Job boards

Ask for referrals

Word of mouth is still an incredible motivator when it comes to employing people.

Focus on one Core service, Core customer

Don’t run ads without proper targeting, Create Client Personas first.

It’s time to engage with your target audience in places where they spend time the most.

how agency get clients
It all comes down to this.

Paid ads can be both. Outbound approach or inbound approach.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to learn a bit about copywriting.

Take a look at our local SEO service, Thanks

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