SEO Process

I started providing white-label SEO services for agencies. Recently, one of my beloved clients asked me about my SEO process. So I created this small post.

1. Audit

My process always begins with a technical audit, then on-page & backlink audit. A content audit is also necessary if you have a lot of pages of content.
Doing an audit tells us about the website’s current conditions, errors we need to fix, & information about where we need improvements.

2. Preparing the website for SEO

I do all the error fixes & improvements needed based on the audit data.

3. Competitor analysis

It will help us discover our competitor’s winning strategies & weaknesses. This way we will know where we need to focus.

4. Keywords research

Doing in-depth keyword research will tell us what are user searching for, & their type (money or info), search volume & ranking difficulties.

5. Strategy

It will be our path to follow. Answering questions like what is our main goal? How will it impact our business? Ways to fulfill our goals? Budget & tools needed? Also mention alternatives in case we fail. (maybe I will do it later)

6. Content creation

I will take content from you or outsource it based on our targeted keywords. Then post it to your website following proper on-page SEO.

7. Content distribution

Backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors. I will do social links, quality guest posting ETC.

8. Tracking & reporting

Tracking will tell us whether our strategy is working or not. Also, where do we need improvements? For example, we are getting impression but not click (we have to make the title & meta description attractive), Getting clicks but not conversation (optimizing the content, UX, and pricing will do).

9. Repeat everything

SEO is like keeping your health/fitness good. You have to continue to exercise. All hard work will pay off.

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